List of Oral Presentations

Code Title/ Author
OP001 Development of carboxymethyl chitosan hydrogel patch containing sodium ascorbyl phosphate as skin care cosmeceutical delivery system
Neungreuthai Chomchoei
OP002 Development of watermelon extract loaded nanostructure lipid carriers
Jutiporn Sirikhet
OP003 Encapsulation of chia oil (Salvia hispanica L.) and effects of storage in various conditions on chia oil quality
Monchawan Wangkulangkool
OP004 Investigation of tyrosinase inhibitory activity of tetrapeptides modified from Leucrocin I derivative
Anupong Joompang
OP005 Formulation of anti-wrinkle cream containing Caesalpinia mimosoides Lamk. extract
Prathana Polhan
OP006 Encapsulation of Dipterocarpus alatus leaves extract by calcium alginate
Phatcharinthon Phimsri
OP007 Antioxidant activities of Hom Nil rice (Oryza sativa L.) bran extract for cosmetic application
Chareetip Rungsawang
OP008 Development of cosmeceutical electrospun fibrous facial mask containing caffeine
Chareetip Rungsawang
OP009 Comparison of extraction methods of oil and protein from silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) pupae for application in cosmetic products
Pannarasi Susirirut
OP010 Anti-inflammatory activity of grape seed extract as a natural sun protection enhancer for broad-spectrum sunscreen
Liudmila Yarovaya